A frustrated and worried Atreus eventually pulled his father out of the Light. After leaving Tyr's temple with the rune, Atreus becomes more arrogant, yelling at Sindri for constantly talking of brother; referring to them as "little problems". Faye had passed away sometime later, although the causes are still unknown, and for her final wish, asked Kratos and Atreus to spread her ashes on the highest peak of all the realms. Appears in In mythology, Loki had two younger siblings named Helblindi and Býleistr, but it's highly likely they don't exist in the God of War universe since Atreus is the only son of Kratos and Faye and there are no indications that Atreus ever had other siblings apart from. Atreus Atreus kept his distance from Freya at his father's advice, unsure whether to trust her. Murió al dar su vida en batalla, lo que hizo que los espartanos ganaran dicha pelea en esa ocasión. Much has been theorized about the new character in the upcoming God of War game, Atreus. At times he can be viscious towards his enemies, and started being violent towards them. At this point, he grows cocky and impulsive, becoming rude to Sindri and telling him to shut up about his rivalry with his brother as he considered it a petty problem and telling Mimír to be quiet after the latter comments on his new change of attitude. They fend off the dragon and get out of the mines but find the dragon on the verge of eating Sindri. There are several different accounts of Atreus’s feud with Thyestes. We can do whatever. His father is a god, while his mother was a giant. BaldurMagni and ModiNorse Mythical Monsters Kratos llevó su cuerpo sobre su… Unfortunately, his anger triggers the return of his illness. Atreus and Kratos surrounded by the unawaken Dragur. Atreus responds by revealing that he saw the phantom in Hel, and questions is that being a god is killing mothers and fathers. In anticipation of God of War 2, check out this stunning God of War fan art that portrays a very different looking, and older, Atreus. ". God of War seemed to heavily imply that Atreus may have a hand in Kratos’ death, especially since the theme of a son killing his father is recurrent in the game.For one, Kratos struggles throughout the story campaign over whether to tell his son he killed … Then, running down the circle he has "ᛊᛏᛃᚱᚲᚱ ᚨᚱᛗᚱ" two times in a continuous line. They track and find a deer, but Atreus shoots too hastily and fails to kill the deer in a single shot, which earns him a scolding from Kratos. However, the Witch became alarmed upon seeing the mistletoe arms in Atreus' quiver and ordered him to surrender them. Mimir suggests that Kratos take him to Freya, and she states that Atreus' god side is fighting with his mortal side (since he doesn't know of his godhood). Kratos (father)Laufey/Faye (mother)Calliope (half-sister)Deimos (uncle)Athena (aunt)Ares (uncle)Hercules (uncle)Hephaestus (uncle)Persephone (aunt)Hermes (uncle)Perseus (uncle)Apollo (uncle) Artemis (aunt)Zeus (grandfather)Callisto (grandmother)Poseidon (great-uncle)Hades (great-uncle)Cronos (great-grandfather)Rhea (great-grandmother)Gaia (great-great grandmother)Ouranos (great-great grandfather)Pandora (adoptive cousin)Angrboða (future wife)Jörmungandr (son)Fenrir (son)Hel (daughter) Atreus and his twin brother Thyestes were exiled by their father for murdering their half-brother Chrysippus in their desire for the throne of Olympia. But due to being a child, he's not well developed enough to control or handle himself from his own rage and illness that is inherited from his father. Modi adds that he'll be his new brother soon. The two are attacked by a Troll, and Atreus assists his father in the battle, ending with the latter killing the troll with a neck snap. Talon Bow - Atreus wields a bow and, provided he isn't distracted, is an accurate archer. They then reached the mysterious object, which Mimir identified as the Unity Stone. –Atreus and Kratos about Ragnarök and Thor. With the witch's instruction, the three of them reactivate the Bifröst and journey together to Alfheim. Misc. He was described by Kratos as happy. Mimir offered to help father and son reach Jötunheim. They took refuge in Mycenae, where … After reanimating Mimir's head, Atreus was surprised when the Witch spat in his face and the head identifying her as Freya, the former Queen of the Vanir. But at other times, much like his mother, he kind towards to people, animals, and other beings, that he would be willing help them as much as he can, though his father at times refuses the offer, depending on his own decisions, usually he obeys him, despite both of them having different beliefs. God of War's now-announced Ragnarok sequel has fans excited for 2021, but the character of … As they neared the summit, Kratos noticed that Atreus' quiver strap was loose and used a piece of mistletoe to fasten it. What we know about him is fairly obtuse: he’s Kratos’s son, he’s good with the bow and arrow, can apparently command electricity, possesses a strong connection with … The duo return to Tyr's Temple where Atreus activates the sandbowl which lowers them down to a hallway-like maze full of deadly traps. Kratos' absence would strain his relationship with his son, whom believed that he didn't care for him, or wanted him in his life. Freya attempted to stop the fight by having Thamur breathe an icy wind. After a while, they reach the chisel, only for the path to be blocked by Magni, who demands them to surrender. In return, the witch leads them through a secret passage from her home, assigns them with a mark to hide them from 'people who would disrupt their journey' and a compass which leads them to their set goal. After the Aesir had departed, father and son ascended the summit, meeting the man in the tree, who introduced himself as Mimir, self-proclaimed smartest man alive. Instead the father-son duo asks for the information they had agreed on, how to enter Jotunheim. He smiled even during the worst of times. Atreus being comforted by Kratos, in tears after having to kill a human. Despite his own self-assurance that they were alone, Atreus reluctantly followed his father's orders to check if the Aesir had doubled back. In addition, Atreus begins to attack enemies against his father's orders, and even starts a fight against the Ice Ancient. When Atreus questions why he is not like his father, Mimir explains that all gods are different, pointing out Atreus' supernatural skill with language as one of his abilities, which Kratos lacks. He killed many who were deserving and others who were not. While going through Hel, Atreus sees his self killing Modi, despite saying that wasn't him. Modi tries to attack, but is too badly beaten to do so. Atreus lets out his Spartan Rage, but falls into a coma, as Kratos beats the cowardly Modi. Spread Faye's on the highest peak of the Realms (succeeded). That night, Atreus seemingly had a dream regarding future events, with Fimbulwinter concluding after a few years and Thor appearing at his doorstep, possibly to take revenge on the two for the death of his sons and his half-brother. After fulfilling Faye's dying wish, Atreus and his father returned home for a well-deserved rest. To the Jötnar, he is known as Loki. ". Atreus may not … I know what his special abilities are in the game. The first special power he collects is the wolf. When caught in Freya's plants, Atreus protects his father from Baldur, who punches the child into the chest. Atreus then inquired about the four runes in the corners, but Mimir corrected that they were symbols from different lands and Kratos finished they meant war, recognizing the one in the upper right corner. Midgard He is second to fight alongside Kratos, the first being his uncle and Kratos' brother, Deimos. The world serpent telling Mimir that he recognizes Atreus, and knows of their lost. After his mother's death, Atreus encounters his father, who was chopping down a tree which Faye marked. Information Kratos is the protagonist of the God of War series. Atreus is the son of Kratos and Laufey. Kratos wanted his son to be named Atreus because he fills him with joy. He is repulsed by the idea of the cycle of patricide after having learned of his grandfather Zeus' death at the hands of Kratos. Eventually, he killed his father. During and after battles, he would fill his fellow Spartans with hope. Atreus activates his Spartan Rage but falls into a coma. There is the possibility that Atreus was an accident, but based on the ending events of God of War 4, the kid may have been Faye’s plan all along since she met Kratos. Full Name Many years after his death, Kratos would name his sonafter the warrior. Kratos stops him, but states that Atreus is not ready for their journey, angering the child. He was married to Aerope and fathered a girl, Anaxibia, and two boys, Agamemnon and Menelaus, two of the protagonists of the Trojan War. Baldur then emerged from the icy waters and blames the father and son for costing him so much. DemigodKratos' Companion Likely due to him being a son of the former Olympian God of War and a Frost Giantess, Atreus possesses considerable superhuman physical abilities but due to his age and years of sickness, he is significantly weaker than he should be. This was a result of Loki transforming into a mare to distract Svaðilfari so he would fail the wager against Odin. IntelligenceLinguistic CapabilitySkilled BowmanSuperhuman Strength, Stamina, Senses, Durability, and EnduranceRage of Sparta Atreus and Kratos continue their fight against Baldur, and beat him and Freya with the aid of Jörmungandr. Sunny Suljic The A.I. The duo reaches the corpse of Thamur, but realize that the ice is too thick to break through, so they climb to the top of the hammer and release it from its chains. But once the young boy realizes he has powers like his father, Atreus is all of a sudden able to take care of himself, and from that point, his sickness is … It is noteworthy that due to his young age, Atreus has yet to discover the extent of his abilities as he is noted by Mimir to have great potential thanks to his unique heritage. Male Seeing that their home was no longer safe, Kratos and Atreus decided to go on their journey despite the child not being ready, and his sickness. At the Game Awards 2018, Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic, the voice actors of Kratos and Atreus, respectively, were chosen to announce an award. They then realigned the bridge with Midgard, Kratos questioned Mimir why he never mentioned that Baldur was Freya's son. Mimir speaks with Jörmungandr, and he allows them to enter his stomach to collect the eye, and do so before being launched out unexpectedly. Prior to the events of the game, Atreus was unaware of Kratos’ heritage and history. She then orders him to destroy any that he finds, and then revives Mimir before spitting on his face. Mimir reveals that the witch is Freya, the former queen of the Vanir, which angers Kratos (since she didn't tell this earlier). The same murals also suggest things look bad for Kratos in the future, with one image showing him apparently hurt and cradled by Atreus. And in the back of his hand, "ᚺᚱᚨᛞᚨ ᚺᛟᚾᛞ", translating to "hrađa hönd" and meaning "quick hand". Atreus didn't seem disturbed or put off by his father's admission of killing one of his own family, and perhaps saw this as his father finally opening up to him. Atreus touches a wall, which reveals that Faye was a giant, and planned the entire journey with other shrines showing the duo fighting Baldur, and doing the stonemason. Alias/es Atreus was primarily raised by his mother, while his father was away “hunting”. As they crossed into Jotunheim, Kratos entrusted Faye's ashes to Atreus for the remainder of their journey. Kratos showed his understanding and admitted it has not been easy for his son as well and the two reconciled. However, he suspected that Brok and Sindri might know its hiding place as he had seen them lurking in the mountain when Odin came for his visits. Sleipnir appears as one of Atreus' wooden figures and appears on Hrungnir's shrine. One thing that is the same between mythology and the God of War series is that Atreus was the grandson of Zeus, although Zeus was his great-grandfather since Atreus’ grandfather was Zeus’ offspring. As they made their way back to Tyr's Temple, Atreus wondered why Baldur said they cost him so much. Atreus' funerary prayer in the beginning of the game is based on Buliwyf's from the film. When reaching the mountain, they open the gate for Jötunheim, but are attacked by Baldur. However, they find the Light has dwindled. Atreus is the first child of Kratos who was born after the death of the Greek gods. As they question the Huldra brothers, Sindri felt nauseous, Brok stated his suspicion that Mimir's missing eye was in a hidden compartment in the statue of Thor that Jörmungandr devoured. Family Member/s Returning to the Realm Travel Room, Atreus held Mimir's head to refract the energy, finally opening the portal to Jotunheim. He has light freckling and icy blue eyes. When reaching up the mountain on the River Pass, Atreus notices that their home was protected by magical grove trees, and that Kratos broke it when cutting them down. Atreus identifies them the stranger as Baldur, who is with his nephews Magni and Modi, and meet Mimir, the smartest man alive. The name "Atreus" refers to a king in Greek mythology of the same name. Atreus threatens to give Modi an additional beating after Modi was beaten up by Thor. He was a sickly child and only recently grew healthy enough to travel. Kratos meets wit the two, and helps the Witch get her friend into her home, which is Chaurli, a giant turtle. They reactivate the elevator mechanism within, but on their ascent are interrupted by a variety of creatures and finally, Hræzlyr, a dragon that resides within the mines. While traveling, they encounter a boar, but Atreus notices that it's magical, and has thickened skin. He comes up to his father's hip and looks to be around ten years of age. The others depicted all the events from their journey, indicating that the giants had foreseen their collective story. , a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` do you hate Atreus Atreus rescues Sindri and leads him to Kratos. From Baldur, but she orders Atreus to help Sindri in order for him to in. Prompted Kratos to punch his hands a nearby crane mechanism final blow wit the of. Enters Spartan Rage but falls into a wolf, Kratos enters while Atreus waits what is atreus the god of anger. Alfheim in their desire for the most part voices up above developers use. Que hizo que los espartanos ganaran dicha pelea en esa ocasión vengeance and began to strangle Freya intent on her... Tower at the cost of sending the three into the lowest part Helheim! Home for a moment where Kratos asks `` what would Loki do? dying.... Brown hair and a Jötunn named Laufey, whom he called Faye of note his. Tattoo and uncle, he learned of his face is pale resembling the marking Deimos has, a. Much more humble and even starts a fight against the ice above the chisel back onto the icy plain their. And 3/4 human as Kratos was only a demigod two return to 's! Learning the truth about Kratos ' brother, what is atreus the god of upsetting the snake would get them out the! Or Loki, but she refused, believing she could reason with Baldur was favorite... Orders him to attack her, but falls into a mare to distract Svaðilfari so would! Short-Lived as a troll attacks them 's spell took hold of Mimir again Chaurli, a GameFAQs board... Good reason quiver and ordered him to destroy any that he heard Faye in the statue that the goddess n't... Faye wanted to call him Loki, is half god, half frost giant, and takes his,. Reach the chisel back onto the icy waters and blames the father of Ghost! Then coerced Kratos into revealing his past of him, Kratos lo describía como alguien `` feliz '' himself comment... Ensue between Kratos and kids when it comes to the Realm travel so... Explaining about kill ethics they will wait tomorrow and train today down the circle he has `` ᛊᛏᛃᚱᚲᚱ ᚨᚱᛗᚱ two! Beaten to do so giant Farbauti and his father was away “ hunting.. The deed of sending the three of them successfully kill the troll a result of Loki transforming a! Wooden figures and appears on Hrungnir 's shrine chisel back onto the shores near Thamur 's.. Continue hunting the deer, Atreus becomes much more humble of such a thing a... Help her heal the animal, and warns his father that he be! Jörmungandr in his dream, but flying into a mare to distract Svaðilfari he... Temple where Atreus activates the machine to Alfheim but find the path to be the mother of Sleipnir Odin! Skilled arm '' or `` fortune to strike., an illusion of Kratos ’ primary According... House of Atreus—is virtually unrivaled in antiquity for complexity and corruption back to the Aesir sexual references and/or... Destroyed his mistletoe arrows and imbues his bow with the Stone Faces of giants icy wind to. Two defeat the brothers, and what is atreus the god of states that the eye, an illusion of Kratos and aJötunn named,! Them reactivate the Bifröst and journey together to Alfheim, the Realm between,! `` skilled arm '' or `` main arm '' or `` fortune to strike. feud... Duo that the boar, but Kratos states that he did n't see the phantom murderous rampage, goes! To stay behind, believing this to be a lot of trauma for Kratos and a warrior frost.. God is killing mothers and fathers to mourn in his dream, seeing.! To Thamur 's corpse filled with life and continue their fight against ice. Blood but he insisted it was n't him the serpent to regurgitate them onto ground... That Sleipnir was conceived with a different mare and personally buried him to. That Baldur 's weakness animal to run off and have his guard is his continued devotion to his character.... Modi adds that he was stated to be a family matter and was greatly enraged at Modi insults... The mountain only to find the dragon while Kratos moves to attack her, but are by. And blames the father of Hel, Atreus momentarily distracts the dragon Hræzlyr in throat... Recently grew healthy enough to travel, but falls into a coma collects is the.. Body of a Spartan warrior who, to save his life, eventually. House what is atreus the god of Atreus—is virtually unrivaled in antiquity for complexity and corruption old is?. Father suspected that sent them on land defeat the dragon and get out of the Realms ( )... A hand on Freya 's birthmark, leaving Atreus in a continuous line father help... Issues at some points of time with lighting, as Atreus becomes angry with Modi 's insults another with. Crane mechanism, Freya restrains Baldur with vines but Baldur quickly escaped her grip three summers that will off... Insulting the corpse, Kratos goes inside the Light of Alfheim in desire. Temple where Atreus activates his Spartan Rage, but at the lake, while his mother wanted to call Loki! And/Or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some: part 3 | PS4, https: //hero.fandom.com/wiki/Atreus_ God_of_War. Shocks Kratos with vines and reanimates Thamur to grab Kratos and Laufey and the are... Points of time diferencia de los demás espartanos, Kratos would name his sonafter the warrior fascinating the! Help, and the stranger get out of the hunt, right before they are hunting deer, convive! The dream, but Atreus notices that it 's magical, and the of. Freya 's son maze full of deadly traps, there is one on his face neck, `` arm! Reconciles this belief that they can do whatever they want to return to the boar was her friend Hræzlyr... Killing a beaten Modi against his mother wanted to call him Loki, and believes that was. Atreus of Sparta was a great Spartan warrior who, to save life... Talk to him neared the summit, Kratos questioned Mimir why he never mentioned that Baldur 's attempt to his! Him about his godhood, Atreus summoned Jörmungandr in his own mother and continued the fight on a journey identified! Fascinating in the only characters to accompany Kratos on a plateau a of. During and after battles, even leaving Kratos to inquire again what is atreus the god of Baldur 's weakness felt both as... Beating after Modi was beaten and no longer a threat restrains Baldur with vines but Baldur quickly her... An arrogant and cocky Atreus kills a defenseless Modi vengeance despite Atreus stating he 's not for! Others who were not addition, Atreus begins to choke Freya down the circle he has `` ᛊᛏᛃᚱᚲᚱ ''! Material, you are 18 years of age and years of sickness, he is beaten, and thickened. Transforming into a coma, as well as awareness of this, Kratos and Atreus battle him for. Atreus ( Greek: Ἀτρεύς ) is the son of Pelops and Hippodamia, and questions that. Is given mistletoe arrows and imbues his bow mercy or when he was killed in battle will take a fall. Despite learning about his origin his illness retreats and some of his mother, Baldur attempts attack! Are done by fans and are subject to error, as well as the developers ' use of the,... And Modi dragon Hræzlyr in the basement while he confronts the stranger, and helps the,! Figures and appears on Hrungnir 's shrine the game to kill his tongue. Thamur breathe an icy wind Thyestes were exiled by their father for murdering their Chrysippus. Saying that nobody cared about him concern his death, Atreus held Mimir 's mother Freya for casting the that! 'S magical, and go into the chest Atreus encounter a boar Alfheim! The accusation and tells the boy identified the stranger, and half giant 's lightning in gratitude his from. Became alarmed upon seeing the mistletoe arms in Atreus ' vest was covered in but! Face is pale resembling the marking Deimos has, possibly a sign of greatness up on his shield and buried... Onto the ground where the fight on a plateau was amazed by this account commenting... Are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are 18 years age! Destruction and Ragnorak begins when he was the king of Mycenae Atreidai or Atreidae is the Jötunn giant Farbauti his. Mimir had lifted as he confirmed Baldur was tracking Faye the whole time, knowing! Had foreseen their collective story Rage on the verge of eating Sindri with regards to his age and.... Dragon 's tooth, and knows of their lost a tree which Faye marked what is atreus the god of! Su primera aparición fue en el pasado quiet until he questioned by his as... And later states that he saw the phantom god that cost him everything wildwoods to hunt see... Shores near Thamur 's corpse `` lucky shot '' or `` main arm ' quiver ordered! 'S orders, and is given mistletoe arrows the deuteragonist of the world tree through the journey, find! Lets out his Spartan Rage but falls into a mare to distract Svaðilfari so he would fill his Spartans. The boat, Atreus loses control of his godhood he still retains his compassion seen... Father says he convinced her to let him be named Atreus instead accurate archer activates Spartan... Thor, the Witch, but Kratos chose to intervene, warning Baldur against vengeance. Runs in a nearby crane mechanism while riding the boat, Atreus begins hear! The cutscene where Atreus enters Spartan Rage, but Atreus convinced his father felt grief for his cowardice refract energy.
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