I'm new here. If your vintage Sony Rear Projection TV has begun to try to start, then pulse three red blinks, then shut down. })(); The protection circuit of the inverter must have sense the abnormal drives to the defective transformer or unbalance load on the CCFL lamps and caused it to generate an error voltage to trigger the main board  to shutdown. I suspect there are more than one faults responsible for the shutdown. } T100 has very low inductance probably with shorted turns as compare with T200 and T300. } Realy fantastic sir thank you verymuch,this is uselful to every technicians. Regards, Congratulations on your good work! The customer was very happy to see the TV working again and the repair cost is very much cheaper than the price of a new panel. Most Red LED blink conditions require service. Since the 3 transformers are identical with the same part no. A customer requested me to repair his Sony TV model: 46BX450 with panel defects. PLEASE HELP BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO BUY ANOTHER TV BECAUSE I CAN'T AFFORD IT RIGHT NOW. [CDATA[ Sony TVs are known for a couple of strange faults that only they seem to produce. if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('FBIOS') !== -1 || navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Twitter for iPhone') !== -1) { And do they still use them? Thanks a lot Jestine am learning a lot with you despite my 25 yrs in electronics hats off to u Jestine my regards to Wong too According to the Sony service manual the fault lies with the panel assembly and recommended to change it.. He commented that somebody had quoted him the price of a new panel is so expensive that it is not worthwhile to change it. 3)press the power button present at back of your TV for 20-30 seconds at that time your TV must be off . Can I safely store my LED tv in a non-climate controlled unit? If a Red LED is blinking, try the troubleshooting procedure below. When the TV is in use, updating, or stand by. Next, I removed the front LCD panel screen to check on the CCFL lamps. After a quick break it will go back on. Anybody have any clues? I'm looking for a quality TV to use for gaming and don't want to spend extra money on a smart TV. This LG LED TV was brought to me with the... // Special handling for facebook iOS since it cannot open new windows my meter is "FLUKE-8010A Digital Multimeter". if (document.compatMode && document.compatMode == 'BackCompat') { Required fields are marked *. Turn on the TV again. I make the correct judgment, the video was able to turn on now and the shutdown does not reoccurred. The meaning of the blink codes differs between TV models. Now I can confidently conclude that the original sony  inverter backlight board and those CCFL lamps with excessive large black rings were defective. 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The standby light blinks 5 times then stops for 3 seconds and repeats this sequence. })(); I wanted to find out what could be wrong with my Bravia TV. Currently, he can provide turnkey solutions for consumer products including services from idea or concept to design , prototyping , finished products (including electronic,mechanical and plastic parts) and manufacturing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We can hear the sound come on and the sound of the tube deguazing(?). Hisense 50″ Smart TV Struck By Lightning Repaired, A Drill Battery Charger Shorted Out, Maintained And Repaired, A Hair Dryer That Produces Burning Smell Repaired, Backlight Replaced And LED Driver Bypassed In LG LED TV MODEL 32LF561D-TF, Welding machine power on but does not weld repaired. Log in to post comments; Mon, 08/31/2009 - 03:15 Permalink. Congrats for your work! Please leave it in the comments. The panel were re-assembled back and power on with China backlight inverter board. He commented that somebody had quoted him the price of a new panel is so expensive that it is not worthwhile to change it. Sony TV has been working fine until about a week ago. I … Sony Pictures The hub for your favourite movies and TV shows. What cable do I need to mirror/connect Samsung galaxy Tab E 8.0 to HDTV? It's always good to save money and save devices from the garbage. 2)remove all the plugs from main power supply. Android start up boot animation, then 6 red flashing lights, no picture. I have a Sony KD-55XE9305. This is the first time I come across magnetic feet as well and it comes along with the board, Very innovative idea from the the supplier and very convenient for the end user without need to worry on the mounting problems due to screw holes not matching. 2005 Sony Wega tv / red blinking light ( 6 times ) - YouTube These high voltage transformers are prone to failure. Mr Wong, you have done a marvellous repair. YOURS TRULY, RUBEN. My Sony Wega 36" widescreen 1080i TV has 10 blinks. document.getElementById("af-body-413914580").className = "af-body inline af-quirksMode"; // this<-problem following ->this<-guide. Good job, Mr. Wong. Out of nowhere, my TV just turned off while i was watching a movie. Check the specifications of the TV. He has more than 40 years of experience in the consumer product manufacturing. If the light continues to blink and the TV doesn't come on or if the TV comes on and then turns off and the process starts over again, unplug the TV for 3 … However if I push the double arrowed button on the tv for 2 seconds, it starts the auto channel detection. Thank you for your reply. The only problem was the backlight was not evenly lighted up and  a faint dark horizontal band  can be seen on the screen with high contrast video. If yes how would you advise I should do it? I get no picture or sound. } Top. Sir, Some times it turns its self off again really quickly other times it stays on without a problem.